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169 million people verified the credibility of a business with BBB in 2019.
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Build Your Credibility

BBB Business Information Services: Provides timely advice on scams targeting businesses, information on national charity organizations and helpful staff to answer common marketplace problems.

Dispute Resolution Services: BBB’s dispute resolution program offers mediation and arbitration services to businesses and consumers alike. BBB provides trained professional neutrals at no cost to Accredited Businesses, saving court costs and time in settling consumer disputes.

​​​​​​​Safety Group: sponsored by Pinnacol Assurance is designed to reduce workers’ compensation costs by promoting risk management and accident prevention plans in the workplace. 4 %- 9% savings in workers’ compensation premiums with potential dividends.

Ad Review: offers an opportunity for businesses to compete in an environment where everyone is representing their products and services fairly and accurately.

BBB’s Better Business BOOST Seminars provide workshops throughout the year to educate professionals on trending business topics​​​​​​​.

The Better Business Bureau of Denver & Central Colorado helps you earn business credibility, enhance company character, and escalate consumer trust so you can increase your competitive advantage, business visibility, and trusted reputation

Increase Your Visibility

BBB Business Profile: Reflects your company’s BBB Accreditation. The review displays your rating, hours of operation, service area, in addition to your company’s products and services. You can add pictures and videos.

BBB Accredited Business Identification: Display your BBB Accredited Business Seal with decals, plaques, magnets, and logos to identify your firm as a trustworthy business.

BBB Accredited Business Directory: Includes your company in a list provided on request to consumers searching for a reputable business in your industry.

BBB Request-A-Quote: Provides a free service for consumers to obtain more information from BBB Accredited Businesses directly from the BBB website.

Member Business Portal: Respond to Customer Reviews, download the BBB Seals, update your business information, request additional seals, and more.

BBB on Social Media: Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (@BBBCCIE) for the latest BBB news, alerts, and tips. Friend us, follow us, and display the BBB Accredited Business Seal on your Facebook page. Also, add your social media account links on your BBB Business Profile for more online presence.

Improved SEO: More than 6 Million visitors come to in a year with over 2,000 pages where content and topics are being updated constantly.

Qualified Leads

It’s a simple process that connects you with people. People can request pricing directly from your BBB Business Profile. The information they provide is sent directly to you, allowing you to respond immediately to earn a new customer.

Online Marketing

BBB offers many tools to increase your exposure online. Accredited Businesses are listed in BBB search results and identified with the Accredited Business Seal. These listings include a link to your company’s website, a map to your location, photos, videos, and all contact information for your business.

Review Tools

Encourage your customers to share their positive experience. Hand out your BBB provided Customer Review postcards to remind them to share their feedback. Email your customers to post a Customer Review with the BBB Customer Review Web App.

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